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Est. 2016


Our Classes

SURFSET - Bring the waves to you! This indoor class will work your core like never before. We use weights, We do cardio, We do Yoga, We do it ALL! Come Surf with us!


H.I.I,T. AF - H.I.I.T ADRENALINE and FLOW class is now here! Get ready to do a full body workout like a Boss and then feel empowered by a yoga inspired Flow. This is a 55min class and it all starts with an Adrenaline blend of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and finishes with a restorative and powerful Flow. HIIT utilizes multiple types of timing strategies for variety and success. It will leave you feeling energized and fierce! Then we will use that energy in our yoga inspired flow. At the end of it all, you will feel accomplished and strong.

Aerial- YAASSS We offer Aerial! At Vibe Fitness we offer Intro to Aerial, Aerial Yoga, Aerial DSC, Aerial Fitness, Aerial Tricks and Flips, Restorative Aerial and Children's Recreational and Performance Aerial. This practice is fun and challenging. No experience is required to join our Intro to Aerial Classes. We suggest 10 Intro classes before trying Aerial DSC (dance, strength, core) and Aerial Tricks and Flips. Max Weight: 600lbs

Barre - Train your body to be tall and lean. Incorporating light weights, bands and balls to tone your muscles and raise your glutes. We incorporate both isotonic and isometric movements to fatigue your muscles for incredible results.

Piyo - Piyo is a fusion class of Pilates and Yoga. This is a low impact class with high impact modifications. You are constantly moving so burn lots of calories while using your bodyweight for strength training. No shoes or experience required. 

Candlelight Yoga - Wind down your day in the calming candlelight. Move through a relaxing practice designed to stretch your flexibility and center your soul.

Trap Yoga- What is TRAP Yoga? Trap Yoga is exactly what it sounds like. You do yoga to Trap Music. We replace the calm Himalayan chants with Big Moe, 2Chainz and other Trap Bangers! The flow will be led by yoga instructor Palwasha Maya, who takes you through a fun, challenging, all-levels flow that also requires an explicit language warning. It gets real. Be prepared to sweat, vibe out, and a booty cheek has been known to bounce a bit. So don’t fight it!

POUND- Drum your way to fitness with this one of a kind workout utilizing drum sticks. We rock out while engaging your core and lower body and  hit the floor like we are drumming in a live concert!

Belly Dance- This is probably THE BEST ab workout you could ever do! Spend time learning how to isolate and control your muscles in this deep upper body workout. Student Showcases are available twice a year. 

Zumba-  The best Latin and World Rhythm inspired dance workout around! We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party

T & A- Come work those Thighs and Assets! This 45min class will work your entire body PLUS give you a great cardio workout. You'll use resistance bands, weights and your body weight to tone and lift your T & A. 

TRX- TRX Suspension training has been one of the top fitness workouts for quite sometime. Now, you can experience the addiction at Vibe Fitness! Spots are limited. Book in advance!

Children's Aerial- Now your child can fly as well! We offer classes for all ages with 2 performance opportunities a year. Performing is always optional. Your instructor will have more details regarding the upcoming performances. 




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